Whistler’s 4 Rental Seasons & the Perfect Time for Home Upgrades

Whistler has traditionally been known as a seasonal community, however the shoulder months have been progressively getting shorter over the years and has transformed Whistler into a year-round resort. For instance, a decade ago, few would have bet that Whistler would ever welcome more visitors in the summer than in the winter, but this is the reality of the resort town today: of the 3 million year-round visitors, 45% come in the winter & 55% in summer. Although this increase in summer tourists may translate into higher occupancy of short-term rental units during the summer months, the highest rental rates for owners and property management companies are still generated in the winter: at least 60% of annual revenue is generated in the 4 months between December to the beginning April.

There are 4 parts to a Whistler rental year:
Winter (highest rental reviews): December 1st to April 10th
Spring (shoulder season):  April 10th to June 15th
Summer (busiest time of year): June 15th to September 15th
Fall (shoulder season): September 15th to December 1st

 The lower occupancy and the drop in rental rates in both shoulder seasons make them the best times of the year to do home upgrades like new paint, renovations, carpet cleans or any other major projects. Although some owners are hesitant to do major upgrades, strategically investing in your rental property will pay dividends. By creating or maintaining beautiful and stand-out home features, you provide an environment that renters are willing to pay for and leads to increased rental rates and higher occupancy year-round! 

Whistler Vacation Homes takes pride in our ability to evaluate and advise owners on the most value-add home improvement projects that will give owners the most return on their investment.