Winter-Proofing Your Whistler Home

Winter temperatures are slowly starting to creep in. For homeowners or property managers, this is the time to ensure each vacation home is ready to brace the cold. Here is a short-list of some of the basic precautions to take in order to prepare your property for winter:

Basic Precautions:
-        Keep home temperature above 13°C or 55℉ through the winter
-        Detach any exterior hoses or other similar utilities from your property and store indoors  
-        Turn off hose bibs that have an internal water control
-        Keep your room doors open to allow warm air to circulate throughout the house
-        Ensure pipes in crawl space, car port or around the exterior of the property are properly insulated to prevent freezing and potential bursting

If your home is going to remain empty for an extended period:
-        Shutoff water supply to washing machine(s) and dishwasher when possible
-        Open cabinets to allow warm air to circulate around pipes in kitchen and bathrooms
-        Unplug electrical devices – small kitchen appliances, TV’s, alarm clocks etc

Additionally, make sure windows and doors are sealed properly. If your home is a bit older, windows are likely overdue for re-caulking or you could replace your windows altogether. That said, replacing windows can be quite expensive, re-caulking is a much more affordable option and is part of regular home maintenance over the years. There are many little tips and tricks to improve energy efficiency that Whistler Vacation Homes can help with. Homes can become between 5-30% more energy efficient by taking certain measures to properly winter-proof and insulate!