Summary of Services

Our service is reliable, profitable and stress-free.
All of our clients receive extensive marketing expertise, regular maintenance inspections and a personal client representative to oversee their home, bookings and guest relations.

We work on a flat commission basis, in return our clients receive our all-inclusive service.

This includes: comprehensive maintenance inspections, basic repairs and maintenance, professional photography, marketing expertise, guest cleaning fees, the cost of consumable guest amenities (soaps, shampoo, toilette paper etc.) and cooking supplies (oils, spices etc.). The only additional expenses owners will potentially see on their monthly statement are for non-minor repairs, which are always billed at cost.

We are proud to say that our business strategy enables us to charge the lowest rates in Whistler.
Please contact us for more information about pricing options.



Dedicated Owner Representative

Each owner will have a dedicated Whistler Vacation Homes representative overseeing and maintaining their property. They do regular pre and post guest walk-throughs and are available 24/7 to respond to booking inquiries, guests or any maintenance issues. This representative also works to understand the individual needs of each owner and deliver a rental plan that meets their goals. 

Rental Performance

We assist owners with marketing on 3rd Party rental sites, which are continually capturing more market share, to provide cost-effective marketing, attract more bookings and attain greater revenues for our clients. These sites have the added benefit of showing reviews from previous hosts and the ability to rate guests at the end of their visit. This advanced guest screening helps keep homes incident free.

Prudent Home Care

We pay for our in-house repairs and maintenance staff to do regular top-to-bottom home inspections and to take care of minor repairs to ensure our clients' properties are well maintained. We coordinate and oversee additional repairs and maintenance if requested by our clients because we know appropriate home-care is an essential component for owners to feel at ease.


All of our clients receive professional photography and extensive marketing consultation of their property. We pay for and stock basic amenities year-round, this includes consumables such as soap, shampoo, paper towels, toilet paper, cooking oils and spices. The cost of professional cleaning after each visit is also included in our service offering.  Anything else the property may need we can purchase and have installed - we bill any additional items back at cost.

Optimizing Our Service

In our pursuit of being on the frontier of vacation rental management, we incorporate search-engine optimization and dynamic pricing to advance our service for clients. We don't settle for complacency and do our best to continually try and use innovative methods to be the best in the industry.

Guest Concierge Services

We know that enjoying a Whistler getaway extends beyond simply booking the right accommodation. This is why we assist guests with any trip planning needs they may have. We help with everything from getting lift tickets and securing equipment rentals, to booking excursions or adventures and providing dining recommendations. If there is anything we aren't familiar with off hand, we know the right outlets to get the answers guests are looking for. Providing exquisite concierge services leads to higher customer satisfaction, better reviews and more return bookings.


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24/7 Support

24/7 response team for booking inquiries, guest support and maintenance.

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Regular pre and post guest walkthroughs, exquisite guest concierge services and 4.8/5 average rating from our guests.

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Marketing Expertise & Pricing

Marketing insights and dynamic pricing for more bookings at higher rates.


Guest Screening

Advanced guest screening
and home protection with
the ability to see previous host
reviews and rate guests at the
end of their stay.

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Cleaning & Supplies

Professional cleaning after each guest visit is included. We pay for and stock basic amenities year-round.

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One low, flat commission  on nightly revenues generated with no hidden fees. Please contact us for pricing options.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Comprehensive monthly maintenance inspections and in-house repairs included.

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Length of Contract

Annual contracts with flexible 30 day cancellation. We are excited by the challenge of having to continually impress our clients.