Sharing The Experience

We love Whistler and we love what we do.
We're excited to share our fondness and the magic of Whistler with visitors from around the world. We are eager to work with owners to help them unlock their home's full potential in order to deliver a great vacation experience and be a small part of the wonderful memories made by visitors from across the globe.

About Us

Whistler Vacation Homes strives to be on the frontier of short term vacation rental management services. We are bringing innovative management techniques to better serve Whistler homeowners.

In 2014, 3rd Party rental sites surpassed independent management websites in total number of bookings made. Since then, these site have only continued to capture more market share. These sites have revolutionized the travel industry and are how our clients are able to get more bookings and premium rental rates. By optimizing our service, structuring our company to cut out unnecessary fees and providing a more inclusive service to owners, we are able to offer a substantially lower overall management fee to maximize profits for owners. 

In our pursuit to better serve Whistler homeowners we take meticulous care of each property and focus on preventative measures to stay ahead of any maintenance issues. We offer regular pre and post guest walkthroughs and comprehensive maintenance inspections, meanwhile our maintenance team will address any basic repairs. 

Not only do we want to bring value through vacation home management, but we also have a genuine desire to make each one of our clients home better by providing value-add options such as wireless-heat controls, entertainment upgrades and more. 

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional stress-free service and impressive profits for a lower cost than our competitors!